City Shaping

Leading the fourth Industrial Revolution

A framework that enables the
community to flourish

With the bones of Norwest already in place, the urban development task at hand is to build upon its intrinsic strengths. The visionary masterplan comprises five precincts, each with a distinct focus. Mulpha’s Vision is for these precincts to provide a framework that enables the community to flourish.

Mulpha envisions that each precinct will evolve and establish its own unique character: From the established businesses of The Exchange to the start-up culture of The Valley; the family atmosphere of The Village to the metro lifestyle of The Quarter. Boundaries between precincts will meld into one another, criss-crossed by walkways and cycleways. At the city’s heart, Mulpha sees the expansive green space of The Farm — a central point that binds the neighbourhood together.

Norwest City Shapers – the fundamental elements that will shape our City.

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