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The Exchange is already a bustling hub of over 5,000 workers for world leading organisations including Woolworths, Westpac and Strongbuild. The foundations are in place for The Exchange to grow considerably over the coming years into a highly integrated and appointed business centre.

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The commuter hub that will drive interaction and exchanges.
On the back of the new Bella Vista Train Station due in 2019, the planned growth in surrounding commercial property densities will see this precinct evolve significantly in the coming years.Designated as a commuter hub with over 800 car spaces at the Rail Station, this precinct is set to become a place of high activity, vibrance and growth. Mulpha envisions that The Exchange will double its workforce and incorporate all the associated amenities expected in such a hub.

Our Vision is to further enhance this hub by actively encouraging collective intelligence.
We aim to help The Exchange grow with a focus on seeking new ways to solve the limitations of traditional CBDs. Nowhere is siloed thinking more symbolised than in the skyscrapers of our modern cities. We will seek to actively break down these barriers, enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration between organisations through digital portals, precinct events and activations. In this dynamic environment, occupants should benefit from being part of a collective that operates at scale.

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