Making of a
new CBD and Downtown.

A diverse and eclectic community, Norwest will switch pace from one precinct to the next. In The Quarter, quiet residential streets will give way to the energy and vitality of a bustling downtown, that delivers a cauldron of office workers, retailers, entertainers, residents and visitors alike.

Eclectic by design.

High above ground, Mulpha envisions boutique serviced apartments will nestle within premium residences, while upper level restaurants and cinemas sit next to communal work spaces and stylish apartments. Back down to earth, residents, workers and visitors alike will explore specialty and convenience shopping, music and entertainment options or enjoy a multitude of cafes, eateries and bars.

An always-on lifestyle.

The Quarter will be the go-to location for Friday drinks, family street eats or a quiet coffee in a cobbled laneway. From the public plaza of Norwest Square to The IIC Librarium with a rooftop garden, The Quarter will bring people together with spaces for connection and solitude, motivation and inspiration. With its mix of office workers, retail shoppers, residents, entertainment patrons and visitors, The Quarter will be the soul of Norwest – intriguing, always evolving and alive with personality.