Fully integrated transport

  • Integrated Transport Strategy incl precinct wide traffic study

    Strategy under preparation and traffic study tender submission under review

  • NorwestConnect website / app

    Visit the NorwestConnect website to find out more about different modes of transport available to get in, out and around Norwest.

    Website live

  • Shuttle service

    Route available for comment and currently discussing with service providers

  • Liftango carpooling app

    Download the Liftango carpooling app today

    Download the APP Today

  • Parking management

    Reviewing parking solutions and satellite car park strategy under review

  • Bike sharing & end of trip facilities

    Met with main providers, proposals under review

  • Bike pods

    Reviewing where bike pods could be placed within the precinct

  • Car sharing

    GoGet already activated in the park

  • Wayfinding and precinct signage

    Way finding, bus shelters, footpath and cycle ways under review

  • Norwest Connectivity Upgrades

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