Designing for the future, today

How do we propose to deliver this
innovative platform?

We create an aspirational framework to guide us.

A structure to ensure continued Thought Leadership.

To cater for the world’s most influential people and their businesses. We need to harness the expectations of a continually changing work, life and innovation platform that we once called a city.

Tim Spencer
Executive General Manager
Mulpha Norwest

Aspirational pillars
to guide us

Beacon of Innovation, Human at Heart and Systems Thinking are three aspirational pillars that Mulpha has developed in order to engage all of the diverse participants within Norwest. These pillars are to drive the creation of a preeminent community and deliver the Norwest workforce into the fourth industrial evolution – moving beyond the knowledge base economy and into the entrepreneurial future. In order to ensure that future living is everything it should be, our pillar of Human at Heart should be considered central to every decision – we must continue to see things through the human perspective and not get “unbalanced” by technology. Systems Thinking is the driver of a holistic approach, acknowledging all things are intertwined and that a continual feedback loop is the key to the evolution of human progress.

Beacon of innovation

World leading design and technology to attract the world’s attention and compel the best and brightest businesses to be located here.

Human at heart

All spaces at Norwest will seek to build relationships, delivering a sense of belonging and a connectedness to the community and nature.

Systems thinking

Layers of both physical and invisible infrastructure connect the people, technology and places in Norwest, with every path leading to the green at its centre.

Ensuring continued
Thought Leadership by the
community at large

Mulpha has changed its approach to development, restructuring itself to harness and drive the benefits  of Industry Disruption. Mulpha is aiming to take its position as a Thought  Leader through an internal Committee Structure that is actively engaged in establishing innovative partnerships with industry leaders. It is through these collaborations that we hope to bring cutting edge technology into our products as well as into the Norwest Community at large.

Ongoing Thought Leadership will be delivered through our Education led Innovation Incubation Club (IIC). It is our vision to partner with a University in our concept of the IIC that will enhance the connection of education, research, product development, business and most importantly, a new-age workforce that thinks entrepreneurially from the bottom-up. We envision business to business mentoring, student placements and a new venture capital and ‘test bed’ mentality will enliven the lives of those working, living and visiting Norwest.

  • Smart City
    Smart City Infrastructure Committee (Includes Sustainable Transport Strategy)
  • Residential
    Residential Product Innovation Committee
  • Commercial Workspace
    Commercial Workspace & Product Innovation Committee
  • Cultural
    Cultural Committee
  • Marketing Innovation
    Marketing Innovation Committee
  • Environment Sustainability
    Environment Sustainability Committee